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Then one day I came across a friend I knew in person.

A free membership allows the user to search the database without a username or photo.

I need to know how Zoosk dared to do this without my knowledge or my husband's knowledge using his email address.

This site absolutely requires one to post pictures. There are individuals such as lawyers, physicians, professors (myself) who do not wish to post their pictures. If the purpose of the questionnaire is to determine what your preferences are, then why do they select someone who falls out of that spectrum?

They can use the platform to interact with others members indirectly as a "Zoosk member" but cannot exchange information or photos with other members.

This information should have been conveyed to the consumers before they join. I was very dissatisfied with this dishonesty and asked to cancel my subscription. I am now going to contact my bank and have them freeze that fund. Zoosk, similar to the other popular online dating sites (Match, eharmony, Ok Cupid, etc), presents itself through various media venues (social media, internet sites, and television advertising) as a forum which provides a virtual platform to connect users (members) seeking other users (members) by means of information provided by the users (members) for the purpose of initiating a mutual agreed upon personal relationship (short term, long term, single dates or casual) between those users (members).

The type of virtual platform varies depending on how the user (member) chooses or "signs up" for.

Apparently this site is not free and one has to pay for membership.

I have no idea who has paid them and how it is still running since May 1st 2015 - Even my age 44 (which is not true) was given and some basic information about me.