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As a small publisher, I work with a lot of outlets, including Create Space, Lightning Source, e Pub Direct, Google, Kobo, Nook, and other sites.

Twitter gives me a running total of characters, Word Press gives me a running total of words, but My ID, with a requirement of only 350 words, cannot. Also unclear is whether or not the field takes HTML codes.

For those not in the know, My is where small publishers and self-publishers (or “indie publishers,” as many now call them) go to buy their ISBNs, which are those long numbers you find on the backs or spines of books. Now, buying an ISBN is easy, but filling in the assignment forms is not. It includes drop-down lists that you can’t skip through by physically entering the number, e.g., you have to scroll through all of the 1900s to get to 2014. I’m sure the major publishers don’t work with My Identifiers but they still have to work with Bowker.

They are the Social Security numbers of books, I guess, a unique identifier for every edition. For starters, the website is abysmally slow and it looks like it was designed by someone who grew up building interfaces for DOS computers. And date fields that are separated into month day and year, so you have to use the drop-down list to get to all three individually. So why would Bowker invest in making the site work better?

If I were to send an ONIX file, Bowker would take it and import it, but only once per year: But, as stated, My sucks. Dating websites from the ’90s looked and functioned better. Now the thing I’ve yet to mention is that whatever you put into My Identifiers is what becomes listed in .

Here’s a company will a full monopoly, but it can’t put in the money to have a site that looks and operates better than These were large volumes that you would find in any bookstore, publishing house, or library and literally listed every book in print, its publisher, ISBN, etc. But they were also essentially made redundant by Amazon, which became the absolute go-to database to determine anything you wanted to know about any book in print.

Still, for actual bookstores that order books, the Bowker database is important and you do want accurate data in there.

But even that is near impossible if you use My Identifiers.

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