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I took advantage of the offer for a free weekend of communication. I am not sure if they were active members of the site. is not worth the effort - and it takes effort when they restrict your ability to interact with others. After signing up for the 3 month option, I have only had email exchanges with two people.

You can't use the search to find your own matches (like eharmony). Comments [ 0 ]This is a website that promises much and delivers little. I have gone for weeks without new matches, and people on the site are very unresponsive. In looking back, I honestly wonder if the two respondents weren't staff trying to keep people interested and not bailing on this web site.

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Unfortunately, I ended up with the old, redneck, decidedly unappealing men that I was trying to weed out.

And quite a few of my "matches" had little to nothing in common with me.

All in all, huge disappointment in terms of the cost of subscribing and the time I wasted.

Comments [ 0 ]I stumbled across this site while a member on Match. The matches when they were sent to me were not what I specified and the ones that I tried to contact never expressed any interest in me.

The customer service is horrendous, lacking in depth knowledge or compassion for the customer. I think dating sites should be required to publish exactly how many members they have of either gender, as well as by metro area. I would have thought twice before wasting my money and my time.