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Who ryan gosling dating now

Why They Could Be Dating: Blake is blonde, talented and has a bit of a hipster edge – just the type of girl that Ryan would date. Why They Could Be Dating: Michelle is a poised Brooklyn girl (perfect for Ryan) and Ryan is a talented and hip blonde actor (perfect for Michelle).

co-star, Michelle Williams – but wait, wasn’t Ryan just recently linked to Blake Lively? Plus, Michelle has a history of dating her co-stars (see: Heath Ledger).

Have no fear if you’re having trouble keeping up with the rumored hook-ups of the hunky actor, we here at Celebuzz have put together a handy guide to Ryan and his two rumored ladies. The Denial: Ryan “coyly” denied that he was dating Michelle in a recent press conference, but the press wasn’t won over by his denial. Likelihood of Real Romance: Likely, but then again, maybe the two just seem so perfect for each other that the press is trying too hard to make a romance out of nothing.

(BANG) -Ryan Gosling is reportedly dating Eva Mendes.

The Hollywood heartthrob and the stunning actress - who recently shot new movie 'The Place Beyond the Pines' together - were seen holding hands and canoodling during a trip to Disneyland, California, over the weekend.

star Rachel Mc Adams, 35, thought she found true love when she was dating her dreamy co-star Ryan Gosling, 33.

It's been a long time since I cried so much watching a movie..was great!

According to this website, he showing interest and texting Natalie Portman...