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Who is michael stagliano dating

With a clear target on Chris Bukowski's back after his manipulative behavior on the August 13 episode, fans and cast members alike were floored when host Chris Harrison announced a shocking switcheroo on Monday's show.

"If I go home, there'll be hell to pay and I will get justice." Indeed, Rose was denied another week in the house (in favor of Lindzi Cox), prompting her to go on an anti-Stagliano tirade -- ultimately sending him home instead of Bukowski. You're a crappy person and a crappy friend," Lorenzo Borghese's ex Rose sniped of Stagliano, before ripping into his relationship with former fiancee Holly Durst.

VIDEO: Holly dishes on her one-time romace with Michael Stagliano "The smartest thing Holly did was dump you and marry [ alum] Blake [Julian], because she's with an honest man who doesn't lie," she continued.

(Not WHAOW this time, haha) Hard to know what to feel or write after watching that.

Michael Stagliano is currently married to Emily Tuchscherer.

He has been in two celebrity relationships averaging approximately 2.1 years each.

"I feel like the ball's in my court." Last season's champ Michael Stagliano was also intrigued by the twist, and campaigned heavily to get his alliance members to vote out veteran Erica Rose; he also tried to convince Rose to believe Bukowski was behind her ouster and thus eliminate him.

PHOTOS: Hollywood bad boys "If I'm leaving, I'm taking this house down with me," outspoken Rose fumed after learning the house had turned against her.

On the reality show, Chris Bukowski was courting Jamie Otis and Blakeley Jones and on Monday night, the Casanova starts going after a new love — Sarah Newlon. Apparently not anymore.” And we are told that Chris is currently in New York where Rachel lives!

But, that was taped weeks ago — and in the world of insider tells Rumor Fix, “Chris had Rachel Truehart visiting him in Chicago last weekend and the two are now hooking up.

VIDEO: Bad boy Kalon woos Lindzi on Bachelor Pad date "I love this twist.

Here I am the guy who's going to leave this house, then now it's a roller-coaster," beamed Bukowski, nearly booted after he ineffectively lobbied to eliminate Shea on the August 13 show.