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“I’m hungry,” I texted the guy I’ve been talking to for the past few weeks.

But my straight male friends tell me that after taking a girl out for a dinner date, they expect something in return.

So I formed an experiment: I decided to spend the entire weekend exclusively eating food provided for me by men.

I hoped to discover that there were guys out there who wouldn’t think a purchase of food and an hour of acting like a decent person meant I owed them sex. I went out with a couple of girlfriends Friday night.

We’d been talking at the bar and he seemed nonthreatening.

When did dropping $20 on a pizza become the admission price to a woman’s panties?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about greasy food and sexy action.

At least, that’s probably where he was hoping things would lead.

If I wanted pizza that night, I’d have to have him as a topping. I was tired of the fact that performing a nice deed for a woman — fixing something around the house, buying food, giving her oral sex — had to go hand-in-hand with penis-in-vagina.