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Updating rosters madden 07

News: AARP Foundation President Jo Ann Jenkins provided information on the organization's "Drive to End Hunger" in a story in the Oct. Her first name was missing and her gender was incorrect. 2 cover story about an intentional plane crash inaccurately described the location of two engines on a Boeing 727, which are on the sides of the fuselage. 3 listed incorrect teams in several football games: No. Life: Study findings were transposed in a story July 16 about mild cognitive impairment. 24 with a story about Albert Pujols' exceptional performance in Game 3 of the World Series included an incorrect batting line in some editions. Money: Duncan Mac Naughton is chief merchandising officer at Walmart. Opinion: Because of an editing error, a June 1 editorial on college football failed to fully identify Ohio State President E. Sports: A story June 1 about Little League's Urban Initiative misstated how the program is funded. The story also referred incorrectly to a donation from Dick's Sporting Goods. News: A map of the United States accompanying a May 21 cover story on summer travel plans misidentified the location of Kansas City. Money: A May 18 story on government gas mileage ratings for the 2011 Ford Fiesta should have said the manual transmission model has been certified at 28 miles per gallon in city driving, 37 on the highway.

Life: A BBC America general manager was misidentified in a story July 25 about up-and-coming Brits in entertainment, the arts and pop culture. News: A story July 25 about Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes quoted neuroscientist David Eagleman. 18 on local government job cuts misstated the size of Chicago's budget deficit. Shortly after leaving the starting gate, he bumped hard with Mucho Macho Man, causing jockey John Velazquez to briefly lose his left iron. 14 about the Peace Corps, President Kennedy is shown May 18, 1963, addressing the first group of volunteers leaving for Indonesia. 15 about citizen videos increasing scrutiny of police misspelled Harford County, Md. 14 on the NBA notes incorrectly referred to the experience of Nick Young. New Hall inductee Lee Petty also had three championships. Life: The last name of the owners of T-Ray's Burger Station on Amelia Island in Florida was misspelled in a story Oct. Sports: A caption with a photo June 1, keying to a story about the significance the World Cup in South Africa holds for some African-American members of the U. MAY 2010 Money: A May 26 story about heavy-duty pickups should have said the 2011 GMC Sierra HD diesel engine will offer 397 horsepower, 7 hp more than Ford's rival Super Duty, and 765 lb.-ft. News: A story May 27 should have made clear that the Coalition for the Homeless supports a New York City plan that would require people with jobs who live in homeless shelters to save some of their pay.

News: A story July 23 about the victims of the Aurora shooting misspelled the name of Gordon Cowden. 19 of quarterbacks who are Heisman Trophy contenders transposed the passing attempts and completions in the previous week's games for each of the five players. 17 about the seven NFL teams that sought to defend their titles after beginning the season 6-0 omitted a team that followed up with a championship. Art Neville is the band's organist; Ivan Neville is his nephew. News: An "Across the USA" item June 6 about Los Angeles teachers approving a tentative agreement with the school board should have been datelined Los Angeles. 15 showing weekend college football matchups included an incorrect reference to the playing surface at TCU's Amon G. 13 about the Whrrl mobile app, Pelago CEO Jeff Holden is shown with an i Phone, not an Android phone. 7 referred incorrectly to the number of wins Formula One driver Mark Webber has this season. Money: Ford Motor sells a four-door hatchback, also called a five-door, version of the Fiesta small car. News: In a story about the end of the TV show Law & Order in some editions May 25, the wrong name was given for the Manhattan district attorney who was the basis of the character played by Steven Hill. In the same story in some editions, the wrong year was given for a photo of actors Anthony Anderson and Jeremy Sisto. News: In some editions May 21, a story about the November election misstated the year the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was enacted.

He says he did not mean to suggest that all graduate students win research grants. Steven Nissen of the Cleveland Clinic as a surgeon. Life: June 13's coverage of the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival incorrectly identified the lineup of the original Meters. Money: In a photo caption accompanying a story Oct. News: Patrick Gasper's name was misspelled in an Oct. News: Harvard student Sylvia Rodriguez and her family entered the USA legally but stayed after their visas expired. Life: Samantha Bee's new book is called I Know I Am, But What Are You? Money: A May 26 story on NBA licensed merchandise should have said that retail sales of all licensed merchandise based on sports properties fell 17% last year, according to The Licensing Letter.

15 on compounding pharmacies misstated where William Blau of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill orders steroid pain injections. It is updating its lineup to appeal to younger, import-oriented buyers. News: A story June 20 about wildfires in the West gave the wrong location for the Little Bear Fire. Wiseman worked with prosecutors before and after the case involving Phoebe Prine, but she did not consult with them while the case was active. 2 about theaters providing seats for patrons to live-tweet about performances misstated the policy at Writers' Theatre in Glencoe, Ill. The information is available upon request and will be posted on the Veterans Affairs' website within weeks. 25 misidentified the college basketball tournament final in which Stanford and Syracuse were to meet. Part of the subtitle was misspelled in the paper Nov. Herbert Kohl, D-Wis., a former owner of a chain of grocery and department stores. 31 about Department of Energy loans misstated which Westinghouse Electric facilities are in the district of Rep. They are as service center and a manufacturing plant. It exempts children, pregnant women, those undergoing cancer treatment, the elderly, blind and disabled. News: A story May 23 on President Obama's speech on Israel-Palestinian peace talks misstated the locationof the armistice line betwween Israel and the West Bank. Life: Geoffrey Gray's forthcoming non-fiction book is called Skyjack: The Hunt for D. News: A story May 23 on states promoting safer biking contained an incorrect affiliation for Ethan Spotts. News: A story about the Ohio governor's race in some Oct. The Dallas Cowboys acquired Alex Barron from the St. News: Income taxes consumed 9.2% of personal income in 2009, the lowest percentage since 1950.

15 editions omitted the winner of the Greater Hickory Classic in the golf results. Life: In a story June 27 about metal-on-metal hip devices, a Food and Drug Administration official said the agency might consider more rigorous pre-market evaluation in the future. Life: The date of June 27's cover story photo of Nora Ephron was incorrect. Life: A photo of Rod Stewart in the Lifeline column June 27 was incorrectly credited. Sports: A story June 25 about the women's 100 meters incorrectly stated that no dead heat had occured before this year for an Olympic berth in the U. Money: A headline June 22 on a cover story about Buick mischaracterized the image issue Buick is trying to address. News: A cover story June 13 on school bullying misstated the role of Rosalind Wiseman in a 2010 Massachusetts case. 30 on rising post-traumatic stress disorder cases among Iraq and Afghanistan veterans incorrectly stated a date for the data's release. 22 on Chevrolet's Spark small car should have listed the engine displacement as 1.2 liters. 22 of Top 25 women's basketball scores included an incorrect result in some editions. The tax deduction comes from donating development rights. 16 containing a 1A story on the wealthiest members of Congress omitted the fifth wealthiest member, Sen. 24 about states curbing hospital stays under Medicaid omitted exemptions to Hawaii's planned 10-day limit. He said there is an analysis that 97 House districts are more moderate than New York's 26th District and could expand the party's playing field for the 2012 elections. He raised his arms and made obscene gestures with both hands. 1 included an incorrect result in some editions for the Minnesota-New England game. News: Lynda Lovejoy, a candidate for president of the Navajo Nation, is 61. News: Tommy Ray is a special agent with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. 26 on the use of coasters and cards to collect crime tips. 26 review of the play Driving Miss Daisy was incorrectly credited. The Hornets failed to make the playoffs last season but did reach the postseason the previous season. Sports: A May 11 Deals column reversed in some editions the identities of two players involved in an NFL trade.

12 of Barbra Streisand's homecoming concert misidentified a Brooklyn street referenced by the singer. 9 story on France's tax policy failed to make clear Bernard Arnault's tax plans. News: A South Dakota item in Across the USA on July 12 misstated the weight of the bronze statue of Methuselah the Galapagos tortoise at Reptile Gardens in Rapid City. News: A 3A photo caption with Nationline on July 13 misidentified the location of a dog park. News: The federal share of cash welfare benefits was $5.3 billion in fiscal year 2011. 17 about social drinking cited Gallup data for 2010 but omitted 2011 data. The credit card data were from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the student loan data from the U. Also the age range for players invited to the weekend jamboree in Richmond, Va., was 9-12. Charlie Crist's name was misspelled in a story about governors using You Tube. 21 showing a play at first base in a New York Yankees-Texas Rangers playoff game was presented as if it was from the Oct. The British title (A Taste of Sorrow) was given in a story May 12. Mike Lee is a lawyer and Tim Bridgewater is a businessman.

News: The location of the American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming was incorrect in a State-by-State item on Oct. The risk of death among people with the condition is double that of cognitively normal people; for people with Alzheimer's, it's three times higher than normal, according to a study by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. forces in World War II were larger and had bigger guns. 28, a recommendation for stock in automaker Daimler should have been attributed to Oakmark fund manager Ron Taylor, not Templeton manager Norm Boersma. 26 on page 4D for the prime-time Nielsen ratings incorrectly identified New York Jets running back Shonn Greene. 19 on student loans exceeding credit card debt omitted sources for that information. It was for several gift items, not baseball equipment. Sports: A story May 19 included an incorrect date for Dick Vitale's cancer gala in Sarasota, Fla. Sports: A May 18 news brief about the second stage of the Amgen Tour of California referred incorrectly to the team of cyclist Levi Leipheimer. Sports: A May 18 story about Colorado Rockies pitcher Ualdo Jimenez misstated his 2010 salary. Sports: A May 18 story about the Big Ten Conference's annual spring meetings referred incorrectly to the sport that Tubby Smith coaches at Minnesota. Life: In the USA, Jude Morgan's novel about the Bronte sisters is titled Charlotte and Emily.

Sports: A listing in the college football coaches poll on Page 8C of Oct. News: A list accompanying a July 10 story on personal watercraft safety gave the incorrect minimum age required to ride one in Michigan. 24 about video game Battlefield 3 misidentified the network to which Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello spoke. The Asus Zenbook got about 3¼ hours of battery life in USA TODAY tests. 20 about boxer Nonito Donaire referred incorrectly to the weight limit for his last bantamweight fight. An editorial June 6 described the process inaccurately. News: The taxpayer liability for federal financial obligations that are not paid for totals $528,000 per U. A story June 7 on the liability gave incorrect household figures. Anthony Weiner misstated the Census being used for redistricting. News: A caption with a photo June 3 of Marines learning agriculture at California State University-Fresno, misidentified the instructor. News: A story June 2 on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney failed to note that Rep. 2 will consider the smallest number of bond issues in an even-year election since 1996, according to The Bond Buyer, which tracks government finance. Life: A story May 21 about fall TV incorrectly stated CW's Gossip Girl's status for fall. Sports: A news brief May 20 about reports that TNT analyst Doug Collins was negotiating with the Philadelphia 76ers about their head coaching position misidentified that team as one of the three he had previously coached.

News: A story July 24 about insects breeding more during the summer heat should have said Missy Henrikson is with the National Pest Management Association. 20 on ultrabook computers, certain battery information was mislabeled. A corrected version of the chart appeared on Page 11C Oct. The 2004 New England Patriots repeated as champs after a 6-0 start, joining the 1998 Denver Broncos as the only teams to do so. 18 examining postseason baseball facts and myths referred incorrectly to the record of National League teams playing at home in the World Series since 2000. News: The credit for a photo of Kevin Knapp accompanying a story June 10 on a Civil War hot-air balloon re-enactment was incorrect. Opinion: When companies check the credit histories of people applying for jobs, they are not given the applicants' credit scores but rather a more limited report tailored for use by prospective employers. The $2 trillion obligation for federal employee retirement benefits amounts to $17,000 per household. Anthony Weiner misstated the Census being used for redistricting. Sports: A story June 6 about the draft potential of Oklahoma high school pitcher Dylan Bundy misstated how his Owasso team fared in this year? Life: The title of Transformers: Dark of the Moon was incorrect in a movie roundup June 3. News: A story May 19 about seafood safety in the Gulf of Mexico should have specified that fishing has been banned in only some offshoreareas from Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle.

The correct results can be found on Page 9C of the Oct. News: A July 6 Across the USA item misstated the location of the New Mexico State Fair. News: A photo caption with July 11 1A cover story on Opana misstated the date of an attempted pharmacy robbery in Fort Wayne, Ind. He teaches at the Virginia Military Institute June 2012 News: A June 27 cover story on fracking misstated the funding source for a University of Texas environmental study by the Energy Institute. News: The High Park wildfire in Colorado has burned more than 136 square miles. News: A story June 28 on new Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi misidentified where he taught college. The wrong information was provided by the Associated Press. There were two instances of dead heats, one in 1952 in the men's 100 and one in 1980 in the men's 400 hurdles. Also, the percentage who abstain was wrong in the graphic; it is 35%, says the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. 16 about the growth of land being placed into land trusts misstated an explanation of tax benefits. Steve Israel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Sports: A story May 24 about Chicago Bull center Joakim Noah's fine for shouting an anti-gay slur at a fan during a game against the Miami Heat misstated in some editions where the fan was seated. Sports: A story May 24 about an exchange between Miami Heat fans and TNT's Charles Barkley after a May 22 game with the Chicago Bulls omitted Barkley's response as the fans' expletive-laced chant continued. OCTOBER 2010 Money: Filmmaker Eric Kurland works in a 3-D studio that is not located at his home. The team received 10 points in the USA TODAY Coaches Poll and none in the Associated Press media poll. 26 story about New Orleans Hornets coach Monty Williams referred incorrectly to the team's recent playoff history. 25 do not include a holographic image or laser-engraved fingerprint as reported in a cutline and the Newsline in some Oct. The remarks were from an interview with the PGA Tour Network on Sirius XM Radio.

15 about teaching computer science to girls gave the incorrect year for the founding of the National Center for Women & IT. "The last time I sang solo in Brooklyn was on someone's stoop on Pulaski Street," she told the crowd at Barclays Center. 11 about Vice President Biden's debate preparations misidentified Ron Klain. He said he would remain a resident of France for tax purposes despite his request for Belgian nationality. 9 1A story on changes in religion, the percentage of U. A 1A story July 9 about states limiting how recipients may spend the money misstated that amount. News: July 3 1A cover story on those who die late in wars misstated the academic affiliation of retired Army brigadier general Casey Brower. Gallup says 64% of Americans consumed alcohol in 2011. News: A story June 1 about reduced premiums in the federal pre-existing condition insurance program misstated the average monthly payment in Florida for a health savings account plan for a person older than 55. May 2011 News: In a story May 27 about pets rescued after the Joplin, Mo., tornado, one of the two national organizations was misidentified. Life: A caption May 27, with a photo of the new FX series Wilfrid, misspelled the name of one of the actors. News: A story May 26 about a special congressional election in New York misstated the 2012 election forecast made by Rep. Sports: A cover story Oct 28 about the Michigan State football team referred incorrectly to its votes in the preseason polls. News: A May 10 story about the anti-tax Tea Party movement's impact on congressional campaigns incorrectly stated the occupations of two Utah Republicans running for the U. Sports: The sport coached by Tubby Smith at the University of Minnesota was incorrect in the May 18 issue. Money: A May 14 cover story listed an incorrect title for Christine Frietchen of, which aggregates consumer reviews. Sports: A May 12 story about Tiger Woods' former swing coaches misidentified the source of comments made by Butch Harmon.