Start Updating nokia 6110 maps

Updating nokia 6110 maps

You have to Click on the Maps Icon from the navbar. On the Maps Page, you will be able to see update available highlighted with the blue color in the left panel. Once your phone Maps is updated you will see “ Maps (make sure to disconnect your phone from computer before starting Maps on your Phone, otherwise it would not start).

Nokia Map Manager deals with the files of chart Nokia Navigator to the format

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There are lots of users who did not know how to update their phone maps using computer.

- Remote loading of charts directly starting from Internet or copy charts starting from a DVD/CD.

- Search for all the files of the chart available on the PC and organization of these files.

Nokia Map Manager helps you to manage the files of chart Nokia Navigator on your PC and your mobile telephone.

Nokia Map Manager offers the following functions: - Transfer of charts GPS from your telephone to your PC and vice verse.

These files of chart give access the geographical data most complete and most precise.

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If you are one of them then here, we are going to guide you how to update Nokia maps using your Windows computer. After installing Nokia Suite, Connect your Phone to the computer.

Nokia Suite will automatically start, only if you have correctly connected the Phone (in case Nokia Suite is not opening, you have to open it manually). When Nokia Suite will be open you will be landed on the Homescreen page.