Start Tumultuous relationship dating

Tumultuous relationship dating

star dumped Tyga after she “found something,” according to TMZ.

First Tyga performed in November of 2011 at Kylie’s Sweet 16 birthday and she even got on stage and danced with him! Then they just remained friends over the years but started popping up in each other’s Instagram pics.

Tyga dumps his baby mama Blac Chyna in August of 2014 — whoa!

Then Tyga posted his own pic the night before while they partied with Big Sean at the House of Blues. He has a beautiful woman and a baby and left that for a 16-year-old who just turned 17.” But three days after that on Feb.

Then she posted a pic of Tyga’s face on Thanksgiving — they were clearly full on dating at this point. 16 they were spotted delivering gifts to sick kids at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles — once again causing everyone to buzz about the status of their relationship.

Two days later Tyga goes on the same radio show and says he’s not dating Kylie — um, yea right!

But as another Hollywood couple bites the dust, let’s relive some of our favorite Kylie and Tyga moments with a walk down memory lane.

Here’s how they went from friends to lovers and a disastrous break up in just two years!

But you know what they say, once you start posting pics with your family and friends — things are getting serious.

In February of 2014, they attended a Grammy after party and Kylie posted a pic.

WERE ALL JUST FRIENDS.” But in October of 2014 he posts a sweet pic of Kylie on his Instagram saying “Surround yourself with good people,” starting the rumors again that they are more than in the friend zone.

That same month they went as Chucky and the Bride of Chucky for Halloween — couples who are just friends don’t show that kind of PDA! 26 at the Los Angeles Mission’s annual pre-Thanksgiving holiday dinner — so sweet!