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Taylor hanson dating

“Despite the optimistic nature of much of our music, there’s a certain melancholy to most of our lyrics,” he said.

And yet features the distinguishable, boppy scat-like chorus of syllables.

“We always felt that song needed to mean something more than the lyrics and the melody, and it needed to have a certain groundedness in real life,” Hanson continued.

Their extensive resume makes them the perfect fit to play the free Forbes Under 30 Music Festival Tuesday at Festival Pier.

Though the brothers’ two distinct audiences of music fans and Mmmhops drinkers don’t see too much crossover, Isaac Hanson, sounding ever the mogul, draws an interesting parallel between his family’s life ventures: beer and music.

“In some ways, the creation of beer is like the creation of the song,” he began.

“The brewery is the studio, and working with the people in the brewery is much like working with the people in the studio.” Then comes the comparison of microbreweries and big beer companies being equated with indie labels and giant record companies – and it all starts to make sense.

The eldest Hanson brother quickly rattled off the first few lines of the band’s mega-pop hit over the phone like he’s done this before: “You have so many relationships in this life/only one or two will last/You go through all the pain and strife/then you turn your back and they’re gone so fast.” And there it was.