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Speleers dating

Frank, a bouncy young Border collie, has been causing mayhem behind the scenes for his master, Ed Speleers, who plays dishy footman Jimmy Kent, and is in trouble with butler Mr Carson for chewing Lord Grantham’s carpets.

Ed says, ‘Before I got him everyone told me, “Don’t get a dog, you’re only 24 and it’s such a responsibility.” But I’ve grown up with dogs and I’m soppy about them.

Frank sleeps on my bed and comes everywhere with me. ’So too does gay valet Thomas, played by Rob James-Collier.

'I had the humiliation of the props guy glueing the crockery on the trays to stop it happening again.’ No wonder Dame Maggie Smith, who plays the Dowager Countess of Grantham, has a twinkle in her eye for Ed.

‘We’re filming until August,’ says Ed, ‘so I’m hoping writer Julian Fellowes will find a way of casting him.’Frank, who’s seven months old, behaved brilliantly the first day Ed took him to work, but on the second day he chewed up the carpets in the dressing room trailer used by Hugh Bonneville, who plays the Earl.

‘He had bits of carpet dangling out of his mouth and I said, “Frank, you’ve ruined my career.

‘It’s a big room where we film the downstairs scenes at Ealing Studios but it’s like a cauldron and gets hot and claustrophobic, which adds to the atmosphere,’ says Ed, now 25.

Things got particularly steamy when Rob’s character had to kiss Ed’s.