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Russell crowe dating katie lee

Eddie Redmayne thinks Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman are ''superhuman'' actors.

Russell Crowe's 'Les Miserables' audition was the ''most difficult'' of his life.

The actor plays Javert in the big screen adaptation of the musical but before landing the role he was subjected to a series of...

Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe entertained the crowds at the Les Miserables premiere in Sydney, Australia, on Thursday (December 20, 2012), laughing and joking while also pretending to race each other down the red-carpet! Russell Crowe was the ''glue'' of the 'Les Miserables' set.

We could hardly bring ourselves to visit Russell Crowe's Twitter page when first hearing that he'd responded to Adam Lambert's criticism of Les Miserables.

We assumed the boisterous Australian would take apart the former American...

There is always some enormous risk in remaking well loved stories, be they originally films, plays, television series or literature.

There will always be hype and there will always be people who prefer the original,...