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Radcombobox selectedvalue not updating

Count; List Hi, By design when a Rad Combo Box with enabled Load-On-Demand feature is loaded - it is empty and it has no items.

I have tried Selected Item, Selected Index, Text and nothing works for me.

Here is my xaml: Here is my Web Service completed method, where I populate the Items Source (which works) and then I try to set the Selected Item (which doesn't update the UI, but my Selected Item raise property event does fire) This problem is driving me absolutely bonkers!

The issue was that my view model inherited from a base view model which implemented a property changed method.

I also tried setting up a binding to Selected Index, but that doesn't work either.

Based on what I have read, I have this set up right.

Additionally the Rad Combo Box items are not accessible on the server-side when loading them on demand and that is why they cannot be accessed using the server-side Find Item By Text / Value methods - please take a look at this help article.

Load-On-Demand fires and populates the control with data if the user types in the input area or clicks on the drop-down toggle image when there are no items in the Rad Combo Box.