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See the NHS Student Bursaries website for further information.

Our medicine courses provide the education and training required to be one of tomorrow’s doctors, reflecting the latest advances in medical sciences and practice.

If you don’t already have a degree, you can apply for the Standard Course in Medicine (A100).

To apply for full registration as a doctor, you must satisfactorily complete the first year of a Foundation Programme post and continue to meet fitness to practise requirements.

The Clinical School works closely with Health Education East of England to provide Foundation Programmes as the first part of postgraduate education.

At Cambridge, we offer two medicine courses – the Standard Course and the Graduate Course.

With both, our aim is to educate students to become compassionate, thoughtful, skilled members – and leaders – of the medical profession.

Success in medicine requires application and hard work, both while studying and when in practice.

However, it brings great rewards in terms of job satisfaction, involving as it does a combination of science and human interactions, and numerous career opportunities.

Most UK graduates go on to work in the NHS, and about half become general practitioners.

Please refer to the Foundation Programmes website for information about progression.

NHS Bursaries are currently available for eligible Medicine students from Year 5 of the Standard Course (A100), or from Year 2 of the Graduate Course (A101).