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Paris hiltons dating ad htm

Together, the sisters' social status climbed, but at one stage it was for all the wrong reasons...

Paris is the elder of the two sisters, born on February 17, 1981, while Nicky was born on October 5, 1983.

The girls' parents, Rick and Kathy, are currently in control of the worldwide Hilton Hotel name, which was started by the girls' great-grandfather, Conrad Hilton.

As such, Paris's snub of higher education proved to be quite beneficial, as she discovered that no work and no school meant there was plenty of spare time to party like its 1999, or something like that...

Apart from gaining a reputation as one of New York's newest and most popular socialites, seen getting cosy with such stars as Leo Di Caprio and Edward Furlong, both Paris and Nicky have delved into the world of fashion, along with an endless list of males underpants.

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