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Online dating services good bad

On one hand, you have a great opportunity to "meet" a greater number of people in a setting with very little pressure and few initial expectations.

After being on this site for a while I started thinking about whether or not dating sites are good or bad for one's self esteem (as far as dating and meeting women go).

Eleven percent of Internet users have personally used an online dating site, but 59 percent agree that "online dating is a good way to meet people." That's a 15 point increase since a 2005 survey, so if you're online dating, you can rest assured that less than half of people are judging you for it now.

Over half of daters reported that someone seriously misrepresented themselves in their profile.

For all the stuff we joke about being awful in online dating (old profile pics, being able to find out too much about your date before meeting them), this is downright horrible and not funny at all: 28 percent of online daters have felt harassed or uncomfortable by someone who contacted them through a site.

Women in particular were more likely to feel this way, with 42 percent saying they'd experienced such awful behavior.

But does anyone feel as though the perks are sometimes outweighed by the exponential amount (also based on the great number of people on the site) of "rejection" that occurs when you repeatedly see a profile that interests you, and you take the time to introduce yourself, and then.....nothing?

Don't get me wrong- I fully understand that people have particular tastes and needs, and not everyone is going to respond to an attempt at initial contact (this is NOT a rant about the number of responses).

If the question were "Has someone ever slightly misrepresented their height?