Start Ohio law for dating minors

Ohio law for dating minors

Obtain a certified copy of the minor's birth certificate to include with the petition from the Ohio Department of Public Health if you do not have one already.

Fill out the Affidavit for Unknown Address if the other parent or guardian could not be found.

You must follow the state's rules for attempting to find the absent parent before filing a petition packet and include the details of this search on the affidavit.

A list of links to the state's county courts is available on the website of the Ohio Judicial System.

Either a parent or legal or temporary guardian can request the name change.

Ohio requires you to contact the other parent's relatives, friends, last known employers, doctors and state's child support enforcement agency. The court will complete the hearing and order notice with a date for you to appear before a judge.

The court will send out hearing notice forms to the other parents and legal guardians with the court date information. The date will be no earlier than 45 days after you file your application.

Parents and legal guardians may need to change the names of their children, or minors in their custody, for many legal and social reasons.