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My dating approach therefore differs in that my attitude is something like, hey if it works out, great! Which is why I have chosen the infamous Tinder as my foray into the New Orleans dating scene. It’s like a free hot-or-not i Phone app that links to your Facebook, and searches for singles based on your location.

Editors Note: While the previous Miss Match Nola is still going strong with 6-foot-4 Mr.

It’s a pretty awesome place to live for 20somethings.

Because, let’s face it, dating in New Orleans is a whole lot different then dating anywhere else.

New Orleans has recently attracted a fair amount of young (hopefully hot and single) entrepreneurs. Businesses are consistently opening up offices here, rent is cheaper than other major cities (Hi, New York), and I challenge you to find a weekend in which there’s not some kind of party, festival, concert, whatever, going on.

despite the habitual pressure down South for girls fresh out of college to settle down.

Not that there’s anything wrong with getting hitched at 23 (heck, my parents did it and they’re still going strong), but as a young independent female professional, there’s still a lot I want to experience and figure out before heading down the aisle.

We first attempted to eat at Willa Jean last Friday, August 21st, but when we walked in the restaurant was packed.

This is obviously a good sign, so we promptly decided to make reservations for the following Friday, August 28th.