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Nasty senior chat

No parent likes to think about their child being bullied or, even worse, being a bully but the fact is, more than half of all children are involved – either as a perpetrator, victim or witness.

Ease up on pressure in other less-important areas like nagging about an untidy bedroom.

This might mean encouraging them to join a club or activity like drama or self-defence.

This builds confidence, helps keep the problem in perspective and offers a chance to make new friends.

Talk about how our voices, bodies and faces send messages just the same way our words do. Help your child develop new skills in a new area, says Rob Parsons, international speaker on family life and author of Teenagers!

What Every Parent Has to Know (Hodder & Stoughton, £7.99).

Remind them that many celebrities have been bullied too.

Being bullied isn't about being weak and being a bully isn't about being strong.