Start Maher dating new york

Maher dating new york

- Decorator Mario Buatta celebrated his 74th birthday last week with extra gusto.

But he's so into his new young girlfriend, Cara Santa Maria, that he's telling friends he may break his own rule, according to a source.

Cara, who got her masters in neurobiology at 22, seems a departure for 53-year-old Bill Maher, whose taste has run toward mocha beauties like centerfold Nancy “Coco” Johnson and “video vixen” Karrine Steffans.

“I realized Kelsey was describing my symptoms," Buatta tells us.

Faced with a presidential debate season that lacked any real discussion of an issue that the current occupant of the White House, Barack Obama, has identified as a “terrifying” threat, a small but well-connected group of California activists have decided … A new movie that will surprise you and give you 75 pretty funny minutes.

The New Yorker calls it "majestic." You can get it at i Tunes TV where it's been #1 for most of the weekend One of the embarrassments that goes on in this country today is that we have a major political party called the Republican Party that is rejecting what the overwhelming majority of scientists are saying.

For now, she's concentrating on "The Conspirator," in which she plays Mary Surratt, hung for plotting to kill Abraham Lincoln.

"I don't believe in her conviction," Robin told us at Elle Magazine's Women in Hollywood Awards.