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In addition to the nude images, they also released pictures of her driver's license and passport. According to the hacker gained access to the images through Jones's phone or i Cloud account.

Comedian Leslie Jones, who was recently harassed online by gay right-wing bully Milo Yiannopoulos, had her website hacked today by attackers who released private nude photos of her, according to multiple news sources.

The hackers placed a video of the gorilla Harambe at the top of her website to mock Jones, who is black.

The phenomenon has been termed revenge porn, and legislators are seeking to pass laws banning the nonconsensual transmission of pornographic images.

While men (like Hulk Hogan) may also be victims of revenge porn, perhaps because society tends to view naked men as humorous and nude women as humilated, women are often preferred targets.

Jones has not yet spoken about this most recent attack, but when asked about her experience with revenge porn in a interview, Lawrence said, “It is not a scandal.

It is a sex crime.” Lawrence, who has been outspoken about disparities in pay between male and female actors, said what happened to her is “a sexual violation. The law needs to be changed, and we need to change.” Congresswoman Jackie Speier introduced legislation last month that would target those who share and profit from nonconsensually shared images.

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