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Invalidating cache php

For more information about the charges for invalidation, see Paying for Object Invalidation.

You can submit a specified number of invalidation paths each month for free.

If you submit more than the allotted number of invalidation paths in a month, you pay a fee for each invalidation path that you submit.

To determine which objects viewers have requested, enable Cloud Front access logging.

If you configured Cloud Front to forward cookies to your origin, Cloud Front edge caches might contain several versions of the object.

When you invalidate an object, Cloud Front invalidates every cached version of the object regardless of its associated cookies.

If you'll want to update your objects frequently, we recommend that you primarily use object versioning for the following reasons: wildcard, see Invalidation paths.

If you want to invalidate selected objects but your users don't necessarily access every object on your origin, you can determine which objects viewers have requested from Cloud Front and invalidate only those objects.