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How long have chuck wicks and julianne hough been dating

Of course I’m thinking “Blake,” but then I thought “okay, let me listen to what the coaches had to say.” And, so, going out there it was honestly between Pharrell and Blake, but Blake was the last person to talk and he had said a lot of things that totally were perfect. I don’t know if that’s whether I’ve been in the right spot or doing the right things, but being here and working so much, especially on something you love, it’s a really cool experience. To work with Miley [Cyrus], to work with Gwen, to work with Blake. She is really excited to go back to her roots and the roots of the country music genre, and is hopeful that her choice resonates with her fans and app to log your votes, visit, vote on Facebook, and download her performances on i Tunes.

stage, she had her ideal scenario in mind — Blake Shelton would turn his chair around for her and she would become a member of Season 10’s “Team Blake.” However, the singer-songwriter got more than she bargained for when all four coaches, Shelton, Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams, and Christina Aguilera, turned their chairs around to fight for her to join their teams.

Though she ultimately went with what her gut was telling her long before the audition, she did find herself somewhat wavering momentarily. He’s definitely been an inspiration, just because he started with the traditional country music and that’s where he’s based from, and going into it they told us to be open-minded. While Mary Sarah is thinking about working on her faces, she also is holding on firmly to a piece of advice she received from Gwen Stefani that pretty much throws inhibition out the window and just encourages her to do what feels right with whatever song she is performing. You know, moving from Texas to Nashville, moving so much, I still haven’t felt like I’ve had a home. This week, Mary Sarah hints that she will be going back to traditional country with a song she has been singing her entire life, including at the Texas Opry when she was thirteen years old.

For those who don’t know Mary Sarah’s back story, the Texan has been working tirelessly since she was a child to fulfill her dream of breaking into the music industry.

From singing at church to touring with to moving to Nashville to further her career, the twenty-year-old who has collaborated with some of the most renowned artists in country music has always had her eye on the prize.

There are definitely a couple of factors that go into choosing songs for me, and one of them is definitely listening to my fans. I gotta make sure that when I go out there I completely and wholeheartedly believe in the song, and I want to express the story just the way the artist did. Now living in Nashville, Jen spends her days as a social media strategist and her days/nights covering events, interviewing artists, and reviewing albums for Nashville Gab.

Definitely not take a song and completely change it and people hate it *laughs*.

If any face is going to make your night, it is Mary Sarah‘s when the Face Time call connects and that sweet smile is on the other end.