Start High heels shoes sites dating

High heels shoes sites dating

I’m also a hopeless romantic.” So why are her heels limiting the number of love opportunities in her life?

It’s funny to read the little profiles and see how many women let their high heels get in the way of love. Why would anyone wear shoes that hurt that much you have to put your feet in cold water at the end of a night out? The other problem is that any man below 6’0 is going to read between the lines and think, “This woman isn’t going to want to meet me because I’m shorter than her.

She’ll probably only want to meet taller men.” You have to look at your shoe collection of yours, and ask yourself, are your shoes and your desire to be taller preventing you from meeting great men?

Why do you need to worry about writing how tall you are in heels in your Tinder profile? Either men will be attracted to the way you are naturally, or they won’t.

I can’t stand seeing women stumbling around like they’re walking in stilts, and being taller for no reason at all. There’s no reason to try and elevate yourself into the sky to feel better about yourself.