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Elf girl dating game cheats

For an extra 200 dollars per day go into your tool shed and go out the back door. On 2 of the rocks in front of you there will be mushrooms.

You will start with one bag of grass, one bag of turnups, and the watering can.

An alternative way to finding Power Berries (see Growing the Cabin Plant) is to simply use a hoe and dig for them. They will be evaluated into your score at the end of the year.

You must have 4 cows, 4 chickens, hoed over 1600 squares, shipped 4500 pieces of produce, an Ultra Deluxe House, over six power berries, over 65536 GP, and a happines over 250. When you look at the schedule on your clock, you will see that it has the time the season and the day/date.

On the tenth day of spring you will wake up and automatically go outside and somebody will ask you to take care of their horse because the can't keep it anymore. To get the golden axe you have to go to the back of the mushroom cave and throw your axe in the water all the way at the opposite side where you came in.

Once you push it out the door, a little clip will be shown of you and your cow walking.

It makes your cow very happy, especially if it's sick or unhappy.(WARNING-Walking with your cow loses 1hr.

To grow the plant in the left of the cabin, by the bed, you must eat the power berries.

To get them give the elf in the first room of the caves one mushroom a day for about 10 - 30 days. If you talk to the elf this will not work so just give the elf a mushroom, cycle through his speech, and the don't talk to him until about 15 consecutive days of this have passed and then talk to him.