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Eharmony dating review

She told me repeatedly that it would NOT auto renew.

I used to like this site when it was good 2 years ago, not anymore. While I was trying to see prices, the website helpfully charged me.

I called to cancel and the operator offered me a deal so I accepted.

That Orville Redenbacher lookalike "founder" guy must be on his own private island, with the cream of the crop... Now, 5 months later a charge from e Harmony dings my bank account. Do not under any circumstances give them your debit card or checking account number. I have found a great person, but not through e Harmony. Whoever the "Doctor" is, I am certain of only one thing - he is preying on lonely individuals who, like me, don't meet too many people outside of my circle. If ever there is a class action suit, please include me.