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Section 2 - How Tomunicate With Women - The nuts and bolts of Double Your Dating are here, with the introduction of his patented concept of "cocky funny".

Intrigued by his theories, members of themunity (also known as pickup artists, abbreviated as PUA) put the theories into practice and reported wildly successful results.

David De Angelo then expanded his article into an ebook, which is known as Double Your Dating today.

The Double Your Dating ebook is about 90 pages long, and is downloadable in the PDF format.

It has nine chapters which fall under three major sections - Section 1 - How To Think About Success With Women - David D delves into why women behave like they do, and the importance of inner game.

This is where his teachings are different from other dating gurus who often prescribe 'magic bullet' solutions such as canned routines, lines and openers.

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Dating Doubler Jeśli jesteś sfrustrowany aktualnej sytuacji randki, skorzystać z wieloletnim doświadczeniem podzielane przez ludzi takich jak David De Angelo, guru randkowy.