Start Dating tips for young adults

Dating tips for young adults

The Young Adult Program at Dana-Farber recently hosted a Twitter chat for young adults with cancer to discuss these challenges. Be open about your diagnosis in the beginning, it can help in the long run Knowing how much to share, even when you’re in a long-term relationship, can be challenging, especially sensitive subjects like cancer-related anxiety or your prognosis.

Chris said: “I always make a point to shift the focus off of myself and remember my girlfriend’s experience [of my cancer].” “If you can get through those cancer conversations,” he added, “it can relieve tension and you can get on to normal relationship stuff.” Fellow young adult Elise acknowledges that a “normal” idea of dating changes when you’re in treatment: “It might just be watching a movie or playing a board game together at home.” Whatever you decide, dedicate some time to being a couple away from the exam rooms.

Cancer can change what you’re looking for in a relationship “Cancer has expedited figuring out how to have healthy relationships,” said patient Anna, whose diagnosis helped her realize what relationships she had to let go of and who to get closer to.

“A person’s approach to life is often reflected by their reaction [to the news] – go with the flow, fear, or avoidance,” said Allie.

Fellow patient Chris agrees: “I am always hyper-aware of that initial reaction. I appreciate when they are not afraid to ask questions.” While Chris recognizes cancer-related conversations are hard, “The more you talk, the better.” “Sometimes it brings relationships closer,” he said.