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Giordano allegedly telephoned Carrie Emerson claiming to be a producer in late July after seeing pictures of her daughter on the Internet and told her that he wanted to take her 18-year-old daughter to the island for a swimwear photo shoot.

The picture has emerged at the same time a close friend of Robyn said that she did not just pack up and go to Aruba with a man she barely knew but she had actually known him for years after meeting him on dating website

Miss Delawter added: 'She wasn't the type of girl to go away with someone she didn't know at all.

She was very trusting and always saw the good in someone, saw light where there was darkness, but she wasn't naive.

They were just going as friends.'As the 50-year-old is held for another day, his story regarding what happened the day Robyn disappeared is being cast into doubt as another witness said he saw the pair walking along the jetty when they were supposed to be snorkelling.

According to Aruban prosecutors, the missing woman and the suspect arrived on the island July 31 from the United States.

These are the last photographs of missing Maryland woman Robyn Gardner taken hours before she went missing from Aruba, allegedly after going snorkelling with the man who is suspected of killing her after reading a text she sent to her boyfriend telling him she loved him.

Sources said police are considering the theory that the suspect was obsessed with the 2005 death of Natalee Holloway, a teenager from Alabama, and the subsequent failure of police to convict Joran van der Sloot of killing her.'Police believe Giordano drove Robyn to a nearby area called Seroe Colorado, and either strangled, beat her or tortured her to death after he dragged her into one of 50 abandoned shacks that used to house workers from a once-bustling oil refinery,' the source added.

Officers having been tracing the movements of Giordano in the hours before Ms Gardner's disappearance, but said they have had trouble identifying him in surveillance video because he frequently changes his toupees.

Gary Giordano, 50, was arrested by Aruban police on August 5, three days after Robyn Gardner, 35, was last seen near Baby Beach on the western tip of the Caribbean island.

man being held in Aruba in connection with the case of a missing American woman urged authorities on Sunday to release his client.

"Today, 9 days later, 4 voluntary interviews, 2 site visits, and more than 30 statements coming from different sources including witnesses and professionals, we can not deduce that there is hard proof to sustain a demand by the public prosecutor against our client," Giordano's attorney, Michael Lopez, said in a written statement.