Start Dating singles abbreviations acronyms

Dating singles abbreviations acronyms

To make sure you’re on the same page, review these common phrases and acronyms used by today’s singles. Cuffing Season During the fall and winter months, people look to settle down and be in a relationship.

Regardless of your age or dating experience, there are certain terms you need to know to avoid falling behind in the dating world.

If an acronym or phrase pops up that you don’t understand, it could lead to some serious miscommunication between you and a potential match.


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The dark, cold atmosphere can also make people feel lonely, so the desire for a companion tends to increase during this part of the year.

Typically, cuffing season prospects are pulled from drafting season (see below). Drafting Season The spring and summer months are when singles are out and about, dating around and enjoying the warm weather.

People may drop this acronym when they want you to know they are Jewish or are asking if you are Jewish.

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