Start Dating peter wright anvils

Dating peter wright anvils

The last time I checked on new STEEL anvil prices they were around $2.00 per POUND....... Was coming to the end of the East side fence row and still had no "bootie"!

I asked what he wanted for it and he said the junk man would probably pay $5-$6 because it's so heavy!

Maybe its better i don't have one i would probably just break it or drop it on my toe. I also have my grandfathers anvil that he bought in 1935 at Montgomery wards... i have been looking for an anvil, i still dont have one yet!

I bought a 580 lbs Peter Wright at Scranton lace factory sale for $100.00... Theirs a guy near me that has a 100 pound swage block, their is one chip out of the corner, but other than that it is in great shape, he wants $100 for it, i dont know if it is worth that much, he also has a 80 pound anvil for $130, i dont know how good of deals they are, he still has them as far as i know. )'s apparent that was long time ago because....... FSIGQAodxg PXq A Saturday I went to the Collingswood Auction, the only Flee/Flea (that's a story in itself) a 30 minute drive and spent 45 minutes hobbling from table to table just looking.

WOW and the 350 pound fisher is almost at $700 i bet those people bidding on them wont use them Of all the old iron i have an anvil is not one of them.

You would think they are worth there weight in gold at the prices they bring at auctions.

Thanks Mike some are pricey too, a fisher anvil that was only 100 pounds that looked to be new old stock from 1895 sold for about $365....

I don't know much about anvil's but it appears to be a good anvil. It just seems like my fever for this old stuff will not break How many different anvil Mg's were available.

Did you ever notice how some peoples ear's twitch when someone says "barn" and "junk" in the same breath?

I walked around to the side, lifted a corner of that tarp and there was a lot of rusty broken pieces of all kinds of kinds of "stuff" which was truly junk EXCEPT for one heavy looking horned object which I knew had to be an Anvil as it surely wasn't a Rhinoceros 's head.

I know my local industrial auctioneer collects them and has many in his auction warehouse.

And If i am not mistaken an aquantance had one of those Peter Wright anvils and sold it for over 300.00. I seen a swage anvil at our junk yard and I did not take it because at the time I had no idea what it was... how did you get that deal, a 580 lbs Peter Wright at Scranton lace factory sale for $100.00...