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Dating belgium browning

This system stayed in use until about 1974 when Browning moved its production to Japan and streamlined the serial system to the one that remains in place today.

Of course, nobody thought what would happen when they got to 1968 (sort of like the Y2K scare).

So from 1958-67, you will see a # that stands for the last digit of the year (in your case 6 meaning 1966), then a letter that IDs what gauge and model the gun is (G for light 12, V for Mag 12, S for Sweet 16 etc etc) and then the actual serial #. First, the # before the letter became a two digit #, for example 68V 38000, and for the most part, round knobs went away for one reason or another.

Model 11s are worth about half what A5s are (at best) and the parts are not interchangeable.

Back to A5s..about 1953, Browning brought about "product ID codes" that consisted basically of a letter before a #.

You will see a three digit ID code, followed by two letters and then the serial #.

Such as G38000, meaning standard (might be light) 12ga and then the #.

Things got a little more streamline in '58 when they went to the #letter# system.