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Dating adwords

This will be highly beneficial in giving you more insight into where your conversions originated from.

As with the previous example, ads will point them to a number of dating sites.

They may browse a few home pages and decide to come back to the dating site later.

This is a typical example of a common user journey that begins on one device and ends on another.

If they are looking for a dating site, they may search for “Best London dating site” from their tablet or mobile.

Not only do consumers now use more than one device per day, but 90% use a combination of mobile, tablet and desktop devices to complete a purchase.

A common example of how a user journey like this could play out might start with a potential customer sat on a train on their mobile or tablet device. If they’re using Google, an advert might then direct them to Amazon.

If you have re-marketing ads set up, Google could show these to the user across multiple devices.