Start Coldfusion dating script

Coldfusion dating script

Last night was the "Cold Fusion: Now and Next" meeting at the Adobe headquarters in San Francisco.

Clearly he'd already had a long day (he mentioned starting the day at 5am and our meeting didn't finish until pm) but we were able to get a lot of valuable information, and had a very candid conversation with each other.

I was able to get an audio recording of the meeting, but didn't ask everyone's permission to post that.

Initially it was to be Rakshith Naresh and Elishia Dvorak speaking on on the roadmap for Cold Fusion.

Besides, this way you don't have to listen to the bits where we ramble on about pizza and such.

:) (Sidebar and personal reminder for my own user group when ordering food make sure to get a VEGGIE option, and make sure to get water and/or soda..everyone eats meat, and not everyone drinks caffeine or alcohol.) Notes from the convo are below...

Some scheduling confusion at first, began mtg with Carl and the group going over various CF things happening of late -- Dev Objective conference, new version of Mura, Lucee, etc. It's just not as "high profile" as, say, the Creative Cloud stuff. Impossible to give all of those products a high profile.

So to compare it to PHP isn't a true apples-to-apples comparison.