Start Church of christ singles dating sites

Church of christ singles dating sites

Foster, who wasraised in Colorado, got the idea in 1997 whilesingle and living in Dallas.

They startedexchanging e-mails.“I’m from a verysmall town, so there weren’t very many male members of the church around myage,” Honey Foster said.

But going from Internet conversations to a face-to-face meeting was a scary prospect.

Now the site has morethan 4,000 members, ranging from ages 18 to 90, and has played a role in morethan 100 weddings that Foster knows of. Foster, 33, is bothadministrator of the Web site and a testimony to its success.

Andwhen it comes to online dating, “everyone has heard some of the horrorstories,” said Mario Tobias, campus minister for the Southside church, Lawrence, Kan.

The couple’s firstdate, like many first dates, “didn’t go exactly smoothly,” she said.

They met in a Christian chat room, exchanged countless instant messages, eventually talkedface-to-face and finally got engaged.

It may not soundromantic, but after five years of marriage, Lisa Hyde said she has no regrets.