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SMALL AND VERY LIGHT The first thing that struck me about this camera is just how small and light it is.

The handgrip can be quickly detached via a quick release mechanism.

The mounting system is very secure and I couldnt find any play or wobble.

The handgrip is comfortable to hold and gives you a very secure grip of the camera.

My only criticism of the hand grip is that for me and my big hands the record button was a little too recessed and could be tricky to press.

Perhaps before the cameras are released this may be addressed.

It really is very small and very light, so perfect for drones, gimbals or simply for those of us that want something compact for travel.

REMOVABLE HANDGRIP On the right side of the camera there is a chunky handgrip with a host of assignable buttons, a zoom rocker, an assignable dial (ideal for exposure control) and a joystick for navigating through the cameras menus and controlling various functions.