Start Building online forms validating input

Building online forms validating input

This validation component works with text fields, selects, and check boxes.

("Valid email address required" when requesting an email, etc.) The type of components available vary by form field; a radio button field, for example, can't include components that validate text input. This validation component can be used on any form field.

Validates that the form field contains a properly formatted URL.

Validates that the form field contains a number (can include decimals). (Several formats are valid; read the documentation on the JQuery method for more information.) Validates that the form contains a credit card number.

Validates that the form field contains a properly formatted email address. This method only validates that the credit number is formatted correctly.

If left blank, there is no minimum length Error Message: Minimum Length Label: The message that displays when an input doesn't meet the minimum length.

Checking the validity of the credit card itself must be performed server side.

Validates that a form field contains a value within a predetermined range of characters or selections.

When creating a form, it's important to include ways to make sure that users submit useful, properly formatted input.

Typically, this requires fluency in one or more scripting languages, but in Visual Form Builder, content creators can configure form validation through a series of To validate a form field in Visual Form Builder, open the presentation the contains the form and click a form field to select it.

Then, on the Design Presentation pane, click the Edit Content Unit icon.

Expand the Advanced section on the editor, then expand Validations section.