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The idea they’re, as Pedroia put it to describe his error, “trying to make things happen” as opposed to just playing their game? “We can't get complacent and just kind of go through the motions and expect to win. We can only hope it’s not mere forgotten talk come Sunday night.

Then, as Game 2 devolved, choppers and bloops seeding that early three-run homer, a ball off Mike Napoli’s arm becoming an out, Dustin Pedroia of all people turning a double-play ball into an E4. However, for all their dramatic downturns, teams don’t win 93 games with much of these past couple days. One at-bat, the ultimate small sample, but a huge one given where that game and this series have gone. Together, it sees the Sox in a horrible spot, albeit one this franchise knows well.

The low point continuing to burrow deeper, leaving just gallows humor to be savored.“They’ve played better than us,” Pedroia told reporters afterward. We've lost the Red Sox.”It reminded me of a quote from the first of about 77 low points in that 2012 season, when Valentine tore into Kevin Youkilis publicly and Pedroia bristled as the abrupt shift from eight years of Terry Francona’s always-keep-it-in-house stewardship.“That’s really not the way we go about our (expletive) here,” he said. The Sox team, with MLB’s third-lowest strikeout rate in the regular season, fanned 22 times in Cleveland. Look at what you’ve seen from the Red Sox the past two games, and compare it to this quote from the Indians’ Jason Kipnis.“It looks like it’s just one more game for us. They looked relaxed,” he told reporters in Cleveland. Rick Porcello and David Price, lest we limit this to guys without much postseason history or whose underwhelming performances are out of character. In 10 prior Division Series, they’ve been down 0-2 in the best-of-5 five times.

and you fall over in a heap because there are too many spins and too many choices.