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Bobby bottle service online dating

It is just under 12 inches tall and the color in Amber. There are no markings on the bottom of the bottle other than what appears to be an "X" which may be just part of what held the mold. The bottle with a blob top dates in the late 1880s and I have seen examples with machine made crown tops from the 1920-1930s. through research on your site, we/ve determined that it's from 1941-1965.

Thank You, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Amy. Murphyfusi To: Digger Subject: Old bottle found Date: Hello, My husband recently uncovered an old bottle while tracking deer on our property in Petersburg, Michigan. Grigg formed his own soft drink company, the Howdy Corporation to produce and orange flavored orange-flavored soda.

I was hoping you could give me some history on it along with an estimated value. is the Everett Bottling Company doing business under various names. You can find the trademark here here From: David Ghelfi To: Digger Subject: Nikolai vodka Date: Hi, my brother and I were doing some work in my house, and came across a full, unopened bottle of Nikolai Vodka.

On another label, one of the three, 1827 is the only legible characters other then what looks to be the name of the Designer or their signature.