Start Black only dating site racist

Black only dating site racist

In one Grindr exchange between two men, one white, the other Asian, obtained by VICE, the white guy said, "I'm not generally attracted to Asian guys.

It's like an outlet for them to act out on it and live out this white supremacist idealism."Vancouver social worker Victor Huynh, 28, told VICE he was once approached on a site called Manhunt by a "rank 50-year-old" who told him he would be down to hook up "if I were just a few shades lighter.""I wrote back, 'Dude, that's fucked' and he said, 'Dude? People don't say 'dude' anymore.'" (They do, dude.)The conversation carried on for a few minutes, said Huynh, with the aggressor saying things like, "You're beautiful but you're just not good enough for me."When Huynh said the comments qualified as harassment, the man acknowledged he was being "rude" but added "that's just the way the world is and you don't fit into it." Obviously, there's no excuse for that kind of in-your-face hatred.

It's hardly a surprise that some of those people are racist, given the sheer size of the user base, but the brazenness with which bigoted messages are displayed, often in the form of disclaimers that sit front and centre on a person's profile, is unsettling."More into Vanilla and spice than chocolate and rice" reads one of thousands of profiles featured on Douchebags of Grindr, a blog dedicated solely to calling these people out, while another says, "Not into chopsticks [or] curry." Some of the offending posts are less cutesy e.g.

They read more like signs you'd see affixed to the doorway of a 60s-era American diner than messages you'd encounter on a modern dating forum. While straight women of colour are certainly not immune from encountering racist bullshit when dating online (and IRL), I can't say I've come across a Tinder or OKCupid profile that explicitly—or even implicitly—disqualified an entire racial group from getting in touch. The hookup app, owned by a straight Chinese billionaire, has grown exponentially since its 2009 launch and now has a reported five million monthly users in 196 countries around world.

He told me his definition of racism is when a person expresses a "malicious intent" and likened not being attracted to people of a certain race to his own disinterest in women."If someone actually cannot get turned on by someone from a minority group that's not really something they can change."Research published last year, however, suggests that's in fact bullshit—it's still racism (sexual racism, to be precise).