Start Aish toronto speed dating

Aish toronto speed dating

I was even able to pretend that my cranberry-lychee juice was really cranberry vodka long enough for placebo to take effect, and the conversation continued during the intermission where Libra Lounge served up a few plates of finger foods.

For the most part, the men were doctors or part of the emergency services, but two did take the theme liberally — one was a Ph D "doctor" and the other a "personal trainer" who was really more like a lifestyle coach. The open bar seemed to help calm nerves and gave liquid confidence to first-timers and seasoned pros alike.

That love lore doesn't come from Dear Abby (though she might agree).

Instead, it's from researchers, including Eli Finkel ... Speed dating is a formalized matchmaking process of dating system whose purpose is to encourage people to meet a large number of new people.

Turns out that he, like me, had never been to a singles event before, and laughing at our mutual discomfort became a starting point to what was a whirlwind of eight-minute dates with 10 interesting and charismatic men.

This event was for heterosexual singles hosted by Fast, a speed dating and singles event service, in support of Toronto's Princess Margaret Hospital.

According to them, eight minutes is the optimal time for a speed date because it's just long enough that you get to know somebody beyond the basic introductions, but also short enough that the conversation doesn't drag.

Going by the volume of the chatter around the lounge, it seemed that most people were having a good time and that some connections were being made.