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Advantages and disadvantages of dating in college

But this method has been in my mind for me to put to work if ever I do get a child.

However, you honestly needed those parental consequences when you were younger, and I think a lot of parents just have a hard time breaking the habit when their kids grow out of it.

Right now, I see more advantages than disadvantages to this method, but I believe it is not widely used. Now every night we just have to remind him: are you sure you don't want to sleep now, you might fall asleep in class tomorrow, and he always decides to go to bed.

I'm not sure it would have worked on me though... The main thing you're missing is that children live in the moment, to a much larger degree than most adults realize until they have kids of their own.

If you want her to make good decisions as an adult, and even as a teen, you have to give her a chance to practice as a child.

You probably remember thinking as a teen that the consequences your parents gave were worse than the natural consequences, and at that point, there's a good chance you were right.

Rather than a child suffering through half the school year without enough sleep, they only must endure much fewer artificial consequences imposed quickly by the parent the night before.

Now, letting the child experience her own consequences does have benefits. It helps her see that her parents impose the short-term consequences for good reason.